Staff Augmentation

Business challenges

  • How can you manage the cost of hard-to-find IT skills and take advantage of current IT skills on staff?
  • Is your goal to be able to access IT skills when and where needed on a changing and flexible basis?
  • How do you access leading IT skills without an investment in training or the addition of higher paid staff?
  • What can your organization do to ensure that IT staff are trained in the latest methodologies that drive quality and speed in development and management?

IT Staff Augmentation & Direct Placement

Information technology has become the most critical part of any business that is striving for an advantage in the marketplace today. Unfortunately, between the intricacy of this technology, the increasing speed in which things change and resource restrictions, many companies are unable to hire the essential staff needed or provide the necessary support to their current staff. More and more companies today are turning to IT staff augmentation as a solution, where renting is more cost effective than owning . This strategic alignment of resources creates budget flexibility, allows for internal IT resources to concentrate on the company’s core competencies and allows for rapid deployment of additional resources as needed.

Mattchis Technologies has a series of information technology services designed to meet any need and fit any budget that may prohibit a company from leveraging technology in their quest for greater market share. Mattchis Technologies can reduce costs while providing the expertise your organization urgently needs to meet all business objectives.

Mattchis Technologies provides a comprehensive assortment of services in a number of diverse areas. Many of our services can be custom tailored to your industry, your organization, or your department. Mattchis Technologies does this so that no matter how specific your need, Mattchis Technologies has a service designed to assist your company with its needs.

Below are the different service classifications we provide our customers:

  • Project Sourcing of Specific Talent
  • Help Desk Outsourcing
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Direct IT Staff Placement
  • Managed Services—coupled with Onsite Staff
  • Contract Staff (short or long-term)
  • Out Sourced CIO options
  • Talent Succession planning
  • Infrastructure Support Services
  • Consulting—Talent AcquisitionOnsite Help Desk support

Mattchis Technologies staffing services help free up customer organizations from overhead tensions of hiring, training and recruiting resources for critical IT services. When your company is expanding, whether in response to a short term need or a strategic opportunity, you can be sure that Mattchis Technologies will help you locate, negotiate with, and hire the right people to help your idea become a reality.

Mattchis Technologies follows a collaborative approach to outsourcing that allows our clients to achieve enhanced, faster, and more sustainable results. We provide comprehensive outsourcing services, from managing a project from beginning to end to the development of an individual IT plan designed to assist your company in strategic growth.

Our wide variety of flexible solutions can meet any client need. Mattchis Technologies services are designed to optimize service levels, improve cost structures, strengthen competitive positioning, and meet operational and strategic objectives. This allows our clients to re-distribute time and resources to other core business areas, which translates to increased profitability and improved business growth.